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grenade launcher or bipod? Answered

i have made tombuckey's crossbow (v1) and have a choice of either putting undermig's grenade launcher or the guns bipod underneath the barrel. which one would you choose and why?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Well considering there hasn't been a proper knex grenade launcher posted (that shoots a bullet that explodes on impact into multiple pieces), I'd say bipod... Also why have a grenade launcher on a crossbow? Bipod, for sure.

I agree with yerjoking, having a grenade launcher on a crossbow makes you look dumb XD


i would definitly make a bipod. none of the grenade launchers are really any good, and there is no use for a grenade launcher because you can have to much force or else the ram would dissasemble the grenade, so the grenade will land like 2 feet away from you and leave you nothing but a mess to clean up. the bipod would look normal and cooler, plus it would have a more functional purpose that is to provide stability to your guns such as for snipers. in my opinion, a bipos is the way to go. hope this helps! :)

Isn't it possible to do both?

yes. however, in my opinion i did not like having the bipod behind the grenade launcher.

You can put the grenade launcher on top. Or on the side. Or you can put the bipod on the back. Or make a removable bipod. Or make a foldable one. Or make the bipod under the grenade launcher. Or make a grenade launcher behind the bipod. There are just so many other options. But if I really needed to choose I would go for Undermigs Grenade launcher.

i never thought about all of those options. i'll try 'em. thnx

Which one do you think is best?

the removable bipod. which one do u think is best?

It's obviously your choice, but I would go for the grenade launcher on the side or top.

I would choose the grenade launcher for a couple of reasons: First of all you get a second option for shooting. Plus it would look cool on the gun. Second, a bipod is used mainly for stability and by the looks of it, the crossbow doesn't need a bipod. It looks like you can support it with your hands. Hope this Helps! :D

Undermigs grenade launcher Because it hurts like hell and is 99.9% accurate it shoots like a paintball but not that far but if you do put my launcher put it at the begeining of the crossbow or with all the force of the nade. it will go up and touch your crossbow canon.

but i think you can put both a by pod and a grenade launcher on it

Depends on what grenade you will be using for the bow. do you have pics of what kind you are using.

no, i don't have a camera. :P