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gta IV Answered

Wow I cannot believe no topic on this yet... at least none I can find without search... been playing it for about 25 hors so far... taking it very slow and enjoying all the new stuff... Anyone else pick this up and get impressed by it big time? so let it out... (before anything is said about its warping factor... I've been playing gta and 18 rated games since I was a lot younger.. and iv turned out fine due to my parents but, this by no means classifies as saying that the games are ok for anyone under 18) Also please no spoilers... and if this isn't allowed due to a rule please let me know and delete...



9 years ago

just got it for Xmas, awesome.

I'm loving it so far.

Yeah GTA4 is great but do you guy's not miss beefing your character up at the gym? Or how about pimping out his car eh? what about learning new fight skills, boxing, karate etc? Don't get me wrong though I really love GTA4 plus....multiplayer...yeaah!

all that was merely a problem... once i left the first island on gta:sa i didnt go back until i was forced to by missions, then stayed away. just because gang wars annoyed me, the gym and fight skills were rather boring in my opinion and if i want to "pimp" a car... why do it on gta when the average lifespan of a car is around 10 minutes if your not a sunday driver / granny speed...

Yeah that is true, those gang wars were annoying, you could just save your game and they would go away, it was still a pain though.

hi, my freind got it for ps3 and i played it at his house, unfortunately i have some very big exams coming up (GCSE's) and my parents wont let me get it until after the exams which is a good idea i suppose because i dont have 25 hours free time :(, from what i saw and played at my friends house it seems pretty awesome and the new physics engine is brilliant!! really realistic! it will definitely be game of the year for both 360 and ps3

25 hours... if you rush it... i started the missions and ended up wasting around 10 hours playing with the new stuff... people watching... laughing at the dialog and laughing at the one and only Lazlow

yea i know it takes longer than 25 hours i was just saying that coz u had played it for that long so far, lol i probably wont even complete the game just play around in the sandbox environment , i think thats more fun than missions :D

dunno, some sweet missions, gonna restart my game as i bodged a decision and made the wrong one... and it can be beat in less than 30 hours apparently lol

I decided not to get it on purpose, I have my GCSE's to revise for too.