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guitar hero distortion pedal Answered

ive been thinking... coudnt you make a distortion pedal? like somting that flashes random inputs for the right analog stick. the right analog stick controls whamy bar. woudnt that ncrease your score?


both the analog sticks control the star power (that is, if you are talking about using the controller instead of the guitar) so the two analog sticks together would have a more random "whammying" concept, yes. But the whammy does'nt do much with your score except with star power. A whammy bar is completely random seeing as how it's controlled by a potentiometer which is controlled by the random movements of a human hand shaking. -your hand would act as this "distrotion pedal". if that is what you mean excatly..?

what exactly is a potentiometer? and I am thinking of something similar to a cars flasher that would control the whammy switch you would plug this device into the console and plug the guitar into it. it would constantly whammy thus creating "distortion" when turned on.

A potentiometer acts as a variable resistor:
An example on the guitar would be the volume and tone knobs.

Perhaps instead of a distortion pedal type thing to control the bar, a whammy pedal or wah pedal could be used... That would make it seem a bit better to me than trying to distort it.

you know.. everything on wikipedia is opinion. nobody trusts wikipedia. And you could simply hack a guitar so you control the whammy bar with a foot pedal of some sort. perhaps using one of those foot tire pumps..

I just linked there so that he could get some info on potentiometers if he wanted it. And while that article is far from clear, it seems to be fairly decent at explaining some of the principles behind what it is and its operation. Granted though, I did not actually read the article, just skimmed through it.

oh nice. It bugs me when I have an assignment in school and i see students using it for all the info on their worksheets it's so funny they usually fail.

or you could hack your guitar and put in a motor in place of your whammy bar and hook it up to a relay that would randomly switch the polarities quickly enough that the whammy level wouldn't be whole then not. That makes no sense but whamming is completely random anyways. so you couldn't cause distortion, all it would do is whammy for you instead of you having to whammy.. and what exact kind of distortion are you meaning? --A potentiometer is basically a variable resistor. it starts at about 10 ohm's (depending on the type of "pot") then can be manually changed to 8 to 12 ohms or so. using that as an example. in retrospect a "pot" is a resistor that you can control.