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guns that you want in knex Answered

post here pics that you want in knex i look if i make the the gun in knex


actually i made a mini version of this:


 im not sure if i can get a pic cuz i think the camera broke

 ok il try to do it as soon as i can

Also the gun might look a bit suckish cuz its my first gun

Someone should make that and put somthing like a psp screen or something in there.

well that or a camera with really good zoom so you see farther. that would be cool

SPARTAN LASER! lol... uh.....thats it.

the FN Minimi (Belgium) / M249 and Mk.46


he knex maddo i made a shotgun that you like i think( i like it)

knex fuel rod cannon that shoots grenades

knex 50 cal sniper and a shotgun that looks like a shotgun that shoot 2 or more shots at once and it has to be pump action thanks


halo sniper already made

that are only examples