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half pipe Answered

do you want to build a half pipe because your local skate pipe has trashy influences then you came to the right place I'm working on posting this at the moment. I want to know about how many will use the instructions.



9 years ago

When in doubt, make the instructable. People search for half pipe plans all the time. You will bring more people to instructables and preserve the longevity of this useful institution.

hi , check out my new ible : https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Survive-a-Zombie-Invasion-2/

Well, I guess I showed up late then. You're not kidding either. A whole three instructables on various ramps. Well, I have some friends that will be interested in these. Thanks!


9 years ago

omg that looks amazin please give us steps for it coz in liverpool their r no skate parks and i would love to make one!!!

Yes i would. and i know my friend would too. so do the rest of it.

just scale every thing down and don't use so many cross ribs. use thick card board boxes for the frame then use cereal boxes for the surfacing.

I personally wouldn't use the instructions, because I don't skate. But there are tons of skaters out there that'd love to be able to make their own half pipe. Make the instructions!

BTW, this better not be one of those "should I make an instructable about this or not", because we all know how badly those people need to be beaten.