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halo guns? Answered

ok i dont play halo but i have seen halo guns what halo gun should i make



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Make a Fuel rod gun.

Core Power Output: 250-300 Kv @ 4-5 dA

Over Charge Power Output: 2.5 Mv @ 4-5 dA

Ammunition: Radioactive Crystalline Fuel Rods

Blast Radius: 4.6m

Maximum Effective Range: N/A

Attachments: Self-detonation swich, Extended Rod Cell.

Feed Mechanism: 5 round fuel rod row

Rate of Fire: 1r/s (Integrated), 2r/s (Self-Detonation), 10r/s (Operable)


Height: N/A

Width: N/A

Operation: The first Covenant heavy infantry weapon encountered by UNSC ground forces, the Fuel Rod Gun, is a weapon not to be taken lightly. While the Fuel Rod Gun is very different from the UNSC M19 Rocket Launcher, the two seem to fit into the same role, functioning as a anti-vehicular weapon.

The Fuel Rod Gun is seen being used exclusively by Hunters and Spec-Ops Grunts, although other Covenant forces have been seen carrying them. This has led scientists to believe that, although not seen with the gun as a main weapon, other Covenant forces have been trained to use the Fuel Rod Gun, if the situation calls for it.

Initially, the Fuel Rod Gun was discovered by Master Chief Spartan-117 in the first recorded engagement against the Covenant species "Hunter", on July 18, 2552. More specifically in a museum in the city of Côte d' Azur, which is a coastal city the Covenant had specifically targeted on the UNSC-controlled planet of Sigma Octanus IV. The museum housed many unknown relics from the planets past, and a small Covenant presence inside the complex appeared to be collecting these artifacts. When the Master Chief and his team confronted the two aliens, Spartan-II soldier "James" had his left arm burned away from the elbow down by the one of the creatures, fired from this newly discovered species' arm-mounted variation of the Fuel Rod Gun.

Like the Needler, the Fuel Rod Gun fires a soild projectile round. Analysis suggests it is highly likely the round is some sort of radioactive crystalline rod. When the round strikes a soild target it detonates in a bright emerald explosion, causing massive damage and limited radioactive poisoning. This is quite dissimilar to a 102mm SC-HE rocket, which merely detonates upon impact. A single shot from the Fuel Rod Gun has a power output measurement of 250-300 Kv @ 4-5 dA. If multiple shots are fired in quick succession the fuel rods become overcharged and have a higher power output of 2.5 Mv @ 4-5 dA. The Hunter (v1) and Spec-Ops Grunt (v2) versions of the Fuel Rod Gun seem to lack this overcharge feature, but unfortunately analysis of the first and second versions are limited, since the former seems to be bonded to the Hunter's actual arm and is deactivated when the Hunter expires, and the latter seems to have a dead man's switch; it explodes after a short time of being idle.

Despite the few similarities to the UNSCDF Rocket Launcher in blast radius and it's anti-vehicular ability, the Fuel Rod Gun works quite differently from it's human counterpart. The version we've been able to do the most testing on (v3) is loaded from the top, near the rear of the weapon. A row of four fuel rods is inserted into the weapon without any kind of magazine holding them together. The fuel rods stick together by a method that has not yet been discovered. Once inserted into the weapon, the fuel rods are ready to be fired from the weapon. The ammunition capacity on the Hunter version of the Fuel Rod Gun (v1) seems to be infinite. A more accurate calculation continues to be hard to find as the weapon deactivates when the Hunter using it becomes deceased. The second version has been recorded by Marine helmet cameras as having five rounds to fire before requiring reloading.

When the firing mechanism, a small stub, is pushed in, a fuel rod is ejected from the barrel. After being ejected, a multi-sphered, packeted magnetic field "arms" the fuel rod, energizing it into a unstable, volatile state of radioactivity before launching it in an arching trajectory. When fully energized, the fuel rod is fired from the weapon. It begins emitting energy in the forms of low radiation and high temperature heat. Although the radiation isn't that high of yield, the actual heat is enough to burn the user of the weapon. To prevent this, a hand guard is on the grip of the gun, eliminating the chance of the user burning their firing hand.

After a close examination of the fusion cores powering the Covenant vehicels captured by the UNSC, it as been concluded that the fuel rod's fired from a Fuel Rod Gun are the same that are in a fusion core. It has been theorized that when a fusion core becomes too depleted from use that the fuel rod is removed and weaponized to be used in the Fuel Rod Gun. The weaponizing of the fuel rods would leave the Covenant with a large amount of leftover radioactive waste. It is possible, given the similar radioactive signature, that the leftover waste is processed and used as ammunition in the Covenant Carbine, along with the Fuel Rod Gun, and Fuel Rod Cannon.


The Fuel Rod Gun the most powerful weapon in the Covenant infantry. When facing opposition that carry this weapon it is best to take cover as soon as humanly possible. Ducking behind a low barricade is not advised (depending on distance from opposition) as the arc of the fuel rod's shot could be used to go over the barricade. Spec-Ops Grunts with this weapon have a dead man's switch, it is best to dispatch the Grunt when it is around its' comrades. After being killed, the Grunt's Fuel Rod Gun will explode in a emerald, bulbous, radioactive explosion, not unlike the explosion upon firing one of the rods itself. The explosion is smaller and with less radioactivity.


If that isn't enough infomation, i don't know what is. i copied it from another site

I could have copied/pasted all that info.


 u should try to make a halo carbine ... out of knex or somthing

o i forget the smg and the shotgun


Someone suggested that my OMEN XR could be turned into an SMG with proper modding.

I think that the only thing it would lack from the real gun is the trigger guard.

I play halo. It is hidden under the clip (needles).


My friend made a needler out of play-doh and that looked so cool. Also, make a gravity hammer.

Thats an abnormal clip it has. Covenant guns are harder to make than human guns.


8 years ago

i think you should make the battle rifle because its a great asault wepon with a scope for extra accuracy

The sniper rifle or the Battle rifle.

the halo sniper or the smg or shotgun that i miss