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hammer survey Answered

Hi! we are students in an pre-engineering program called Project Lead The Way (PLTW) at Stratford High School in Connecticut. We are currently working on a open ended design project. For our project we must identify a problem in the world and try to solve it. Our problem is that hammers cause over 36,000 injuries per year, and we would like to solve this as best as possible.
Can you please fill out this survey? We'd greatly appreciate it.
This is the link to the survey( we personally added a tinyurl to shorten the web address here)

If you have any questions we'd be glad to answer them!


What type of injuries? I would imagine that a lot are the left hand. Yes? Perhaps you could make steel toed gloves. Yes. I'm half joking. The trick, however, would be to make something that is not so cumbersome that it's impossible to do any work while wearing it.

Another solution to that problem is a magnetic holder for a nail on the hammer. it allows a nail to be started without your left hand in the path of the hammer. (that one is on the market)

Done. Have you considered other tasks besides driving nails? Hammers are used for other purposes, too.

One design concept we're working on is built around modifications to a slide hammer. I'm not entirely sure what a slide hammer was meant to do originally, but the design we have in mind should in theory be used for the same purpose as a slide hammer, as well as hammering nails.

Google can go a long way to explaining stuff. Especially when you look at videos about how a tool is used.

I did the survey, I would think that "getting hammered" would cause even more injuries. ;-)

Done. Given the number of hammer-wielding humans out there, 36,000 injuries isn't too bad. Please follow up with your new and improved hammer design.

All done! :-)