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hand drill problems?? Answered

i bought a old hand drill for really cheaply it just needed cleaning up im having some problems how do i remove the chuck its stuck it dosent have any screws in the chuck so how do i remove it?


Most hand  drill chucks are screw - on ,and right hand thread, so to remove it ,
you would turn it counter clockwise,(viewed as looking into the chuck jaws). Sounds simple enough, but when you try to unscrew the chuck you will probably just end up spinning the gears in the drill's gearbox and the motor's armature.
So you have to take the gear box  off the drill . Just remove the gearbox screws
and the gear assembly should pull away from the motor part of the drill.
Then you must figure out a way  to  keep the gears from spinning while you
remove the chuck with a pipe wrench. Personally, I wedge a small piece of wood in the gears to stop them from turning.
Note: If the chuck is still  somewhat workable  , insert  the short end  of a large allen wrench in the chuck, and tighten the chuck. Then you can slip a pipe
over the long part of the allen wrench to get some leverage as you twist that bad boy off.
Good luck!

ok i put a allen key into the chuck then put the drill n a vice then hit the key with a hammer so i think best answer goes to you


8 years ago

Try opening up the chuck all the way and look inside. There might be a screw inside. If there is a screw, it might be reverse-threaded; remember that if it doesn't seem to be loosening when you're turning with all your might! If there is no screw, then the chuck has likely been press-fit onto the axle. I'm not sure how you'd get it off in that case.

Then you might be stuck - literally. Try a google search on how to remove a press-fit chuck.