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hand shocker? Answered

im trying to make a killer joy buzzer like the one that The Joker uses, ive been twisting my head around it for a while and i think i have the propper electrical map, but i cannot figure the voltages or if im missing any component or having an extra component (not needed) i want the resulting shock to be 40 v. i am hoping for the comunity to help me get this done, and i would post an instructable about it, because i havent found one here, not yet ;) so i await for your sugestions and answers to my predicament. thanks

until now ive got: three 9v batteries conected through a caliber 22 cable to a switch, then to a 12v buzzer and then the contacts...ill upload the scheme later


how i make elctric shek hand soker ?

how i make elctric shek hand soker ?

Look to the right here at how others have made a similar item.

You can always modify a disposable camera flash circuit to suit your needs.

ive found quite interesting articles, but either i cant catch their drift, or i dont find it very usefull, i already have a camera taser, but i dont like the fact that it uses the charge/discharge capacitor i want it to give a continious amount of electricity until i turn it of, or i separate my hand

To be effective you'll need a higher voltage, preferably AC at extreamly low current so you don't kill anyone or yourself. There is a reason shockers only give a small shock. There is also a reason why a real tazer is so large. Its to accommodate the large battery and components needed to step up the voltage from the battery and convert it to AC. A good chunk of the device is a large step up transformer. You won't be able to get anything like that as small as a hand buzzer. Unless you extend the contacts on a real tazer out to a hand held piece. But you'll want to ensure your well insulated.

You are wanting to embark on a very dangerous project here. Is you don't know what your doing you could cause yourself serious harm.

yes, that is the idea, that the contacts were separated from the component box...so that i wouldnt have to worry about the size of the components or the thing beign too bulky on my hand

I don't think they're gonna feel 40 volts. Maybe 90 or so.

thnx Re-design, so, how much voltage would you put? (maximum without risking a heart faliure)

That I don't have a clue on. I wouldn't consider making one myself. I really don't like getting shocked and don't take it as a joke when someone does it. Even a safe level may be dangerous to some people with heart problems, epilepsy etc. I have a friend who is a pro electrician. He got shocked last month and jerked his arm back so hard he broke a bone. He didn't hit anything just from the force.

So, play nice now.