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handheld direction finder Answered

Hi - I'm looking for a project to build a handheld direction finder.  I would think you could do this using radio frequency.  Basically, I'd like two parts: the finder and the findee.  The finder would indicated the direction to the findee and that's it.  Not sure exactly what you'd call that...


Imagine the trackee has a small dongle on a necklace or clipped to their shirt, and this dongle is paired to a handheld tracker device. The tracker would know what direction the trackee is, and be able to "point" to it via some LEDs or somesuch. Range wouldn't need to be more than 50 to 100 feet and accuracy would need to be about 20 degrees. Is that clearer?

Yes, you definitely need to look into animal-tracking tags.

Thanks - I did a little looking and there are lots of RFID tags, but they need to be very close to read. Others use GPS which is much more hi-tech (expensive) than I need. I guess I said, "radio frequency", but I don't really know if that's the proper frequency range for this - it was just my best guess.

Animal tags are actual transmitters, and you can use an aerial to pick up the signal from miles away.

I looked into doing this awhile ago for my car at school... I found that it wasn't worth it. What are you trying to make this for? It might change how you would make it if you still wanted to make one. :)

Radio tracker? Radio direction finder?

Look for the gear used to track tagged animals.