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handicap easy around cart i want to speed up electric motor to get more speed out of the cart ? Answered

I can get around now don't need the cart so i want to see just how fast ,or speed i can get  of this thing.It has a turtle & rabbit  dial turtle 1mpr & rabbit  is a fast walking pace it runs off  a 12 volt  25 amp deep charge batteries   and  an electric  motor and the rear wheels are mounted  directly to the motor i am not  a student of  electricity but know just enough to be dangerous thx u just lookin to have some fun.if if  i cant make it faster with electric theirs a lawn mower engine (last resorts)   


On some handicapped scooters, chairs. It is possible to replace the potentiometer used to control the speed, With one of a smaller value. If it works, It increases the speed greatly, As the larger value ones have a shut off, While still retaining an above zero value. The drawback is the potentiometer may heat up, Due to excess current flowing through it. And the only way to control the heat is to add more resistance. And we dont want to do that, Because it makes you slow down. So make sure your potentiometer can handle high amounts of current, But still has low resistance values. But there is always the chance that your particular model may not improve at all. But its an easy attempt at extra speed. And can be reassembled easily.

 dragracing with it eh? jk lol i think you should be able to put a more powerful motor on it


8 years ago

Bump it up to 24V, and get a bigger motor controller.  Look into motor controllers for electric bikes.

Bigger wheels or more batteries.

Look for new motor/gearbox units (e.g. Ebay), and get a second battery, and you'd probably want another power-controller too. I.e. replace hardware.