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hanging tomato buckets Answered

I imagine a 5 gallon bucket with soil and water weighs quite a bit. Thinking of using a ladder. Any suggestions?


Weighs what, about 40lbs when watered and about 50 once the plant bears?  sure, a ladder would do it, although I'd consider using two rungs to hold it, just because I tend towards being conservative in loading things.

Be careful about how many you hang. It will not carry many before you cause the ladder to irreversably deflect...(and wind may play a part as well...a 50lb load swinging effectively weighs more, or at least delivers more force to whatever holds it.

I just hung 4 this weekend and I agree that 40 lbs is about right.

Are you thinking of hanging the bucket under the top and letting the bucket stay in the center?  A ladder would probably work that way but is going to be unstable side to side so you should anchor it to something.

I use a rig made out of 2x4 with a 2" black iron pipe as the batten. Works like a charm.