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hardwiring a wireless camera to a tv Answered

I need some help figuring out how to hardwire a wireless antena to my tv. The camera came with a black and white 5 in. display and I want to connect it to a 13 in color. Any sugestions... ANYONE? I connected The wires from the antena to the corisponding wires on the tv, but that had no effect. So then I thought maybe I needed to use both boxes.??


I would connect red and black wire to a rca video cable and for the audio connect the orange and green wires to a rca audio cable.

If that's the broadcasting unit, then the signal lines you were experimenting with were the inputs, not outputs. If you were to attach a game machine to those lines, along with a 12-13.5v power supply (a car alternator outputs 13.5 volts), it might work. That is if an antenna is part of it. You would still need the receiver to use it.