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has any one cried in a dream and then woke up and had tears in real life.? Answered

like some one die in a dream  and cried and then woke and they were crying in real life.



I tried once,

i dreamed about a little boy and a little girl with a guardian (girl) like 21 years old, the kids were misbehaving so i spanked them right in the but, my dream was i was in a soccer field applying for work on idk, i was wearing a tuxedo, when i was already called, i was nervous so i cried and cried on my dream, so when i looked at the kids they were cheering at me and not even angry on what i did to them ,

regret was the only thing on my mind that dream, i was kneeling on the soccer field, when they were cheering on my i just cried on my dream, and gave them a flying kiss then i woke up crying in the middle of the night.

can anybody explain what my dream tells or trying to tell to me?

I did this last night because in my dream I had no family or I felt alone

yes i have had when i was young however i have not dreamed in 6 years


7 years ago

well,i did cry but its not because i cried.i had a dream(it always happens)about guys shooting at me and i got shot 50 times and did NOT die and then i woke up and had random tears and i was beading on my knee.


7 years ago

More or less. I wasn't crying when I woke up in the morning after a really sad dream, but my roommate in the dorm said I had been crying in my sleep. It's also possible to open your eyes and talk (in my case, lie) to people while asleep. "Oh no, I don't have to get up and work on that paper. I already finished it."

If you're clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep, talk to your dentist. Without protection, you can do a lot of damage to your teeth while sleeping.

If you're being more active than just sitting up in bed while asleep... if you ever find yourself waking up someplace other than where you went to bed, tell your doctor AND the people you live with. Think about it... if you can use a computer, you're probably capable of opening doors and windows.

. I fell off of a cliff in a dream and woke up dead. Does that count?

No, not really ! what do you mean you fell off a cliff and WOKE UP DEAD?
If you were dead you wouldn't be able to comment cause you would be dead...

........................ wooosh!

I have done exactly as you describe, among other emotions. Yes, it's natural, as your dreams are a measure of your subconscious self, sometimes working its way into your conscious/sympathetic system.

oh ok I just wondering because I die In my dream and I cried and then I woke up and I was crying just wanted to see if any one else had some thing like this.

Many times. I've also woken up laughing my head off (that happens quite a bit actually..I have some pretty funny dreams, and I'm a real fan of the absurd.). And if you listen to what my ex wife and girlfriends have said, I have complete conversations in my sleep.

For the most part the brain sensibly paralyses the body during sleep. Dreaming results in little or no actual movements / effects HOWEVER there is a period at the end f the dream where if disturbed enough you may g from sleep to wake. At this point your emotions if strong enough may carry over if your not alert enough to realise it was a dream

A little like being emotionally affected by a film or play.

However as far as I can gather dreams are not the Freudian reflection of waking desire they are often presented as.

Have I? I don't remember ever crying in a dream. Shrieking in terror, maybe. Being angry. Certainly being frustrated. But not crying.

Has anyone ever? Probably.

There are mechanisms which disengage most of the voluntary systems while you're dreaming. When those don't work well, you get people who talk or walk in their sleep. I'm sure that there must be someone who has woken up weepy.