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has any one made a quality knex gun the uses a real trigger and hammer and shoots knex pieces NOT ruberbands Answered

(maybe even a magazine/ clip)? perfebly a hand gun and less than 700 pieces



8 years ago

if i get enough comments on my channel i will my author(me) is "mberg"

i did have an 8 shot semi auto revolver but i took it apart ages ago, i even got a picture ☺


there is 2 one this site but there ok not the greatest and were still wating for powerful semi-autos

Of course, everyone has!

After reading this, I decided to give it a shot, I made it so the Hammer pulled the pin back...
It doesn't work yet, And probably won't work anytime soon, but I'm working on it =D.


9 years ago

knex gun with no drivepin used a hammer which slid the bullet out of the gun

There are loads on instructables! Just search for "true trigger knex gun" or something similar. Looking through speedily, there were quite a few which fired pieces and not bands! Have a look.