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has anyone built a pneumatic tube system Answered

Hello, has anyone built a pneumatic tube system? Or anyone have ideas on how to build one and the materials needed? thanks


when building a road you have to lay electrical cable underground between the lighting poles when the electricians come they have concrete base for each pole and many meters of underground empty pipe between them into which they have to insert the cable the trick they often use is - connect a light plastic string to a plastic shop bag and push it into one end of the pipe. come from the other end with vacuum cleaner and the string flies in. then it can be used to push the cable in by hand i guess you can use a similar trick. maybe use plastic test tubes or pipes (with caps) as the rocket that goes inside the pipe

Yes, exactly. Any ideas on materials needed? Maybe pvc pipe? But how to build the vacuum? I was thinking maybe medicine bottles. Or maybe the eggs from nylons (if they are still around)?

Are you talking about one of those things like at a bank or an old office building where the mail or cash is put in a plastic tube and then put in a system of pipes, the operator presses a switch to blow a burst of air to send the tube flying through the pipes to its destination? I guess you could do a system based on a vacuum or pressure. There should be an almost tight fit for the tube and travel without obstructions. Maybe you can find a place that has a system in operation. Good luck.

Lots of new stores do that to make cash drops from cashiers to the back office. (walmart, home depot) to name a few.