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has anyone made a pantograph using a Dremel? Answered

I am interested in constructing a pantograph


What sort, overhead electric-pick-up or reprographic? L

Here's another really good link. Just substitue "steel or aluminum" for the word cardboard. A better link.

Over to the right is a col. of related things and there are probably several pantograph inst. , but I'm sure you've already checked those.

Here's a link to a dremel pantograph that you could use for a start - http://www.woodworking.com/dcforum/dcboard.pl?az=read_count&om=41&forum=DCForumID15

and here's a link to building a pantograph. You would need to change the sizes of the pieces to fit your project. - http://www.weaponeer.net/forum/uploads/dcorb/files/2007-11-25_133700_SM63Pantograph.pdf

Good luck.