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has anyone tried to hook up a nightvision camera to their car monitor? Answered

i'm thinking of taking my old sony handycamwith nightvision apart and hooking it up to my sony monitor in my dash similar to the nightvision system in the current s-class. what do you guys think? thanks



Best Answer 9 years ago

Been there done that.

Actually I took the innards of a NiteMax and hooked that up to a 7" TFT.
You still need something to shine IR on the upcoming road, as it's not a thermal camera. Halogen Low beams will do fine, so you remain legal.

The mayor advantage of the system is people dressed in black will show up in a kind of bright green and road-side-marker-lines are very defined beyond the reach of your low beams.

Most of the functionality of the system depends on the kind of lense you use, and the absense of upcoming traffic.

Lense: 8mm will show you the whole width of the road and more, but the relative distance on screen to objects in front of you is distorted. They appear much farther then they in reality are.

With a 16mm lense the relative distance on screen nears reality, but the angle of view on the road is much more narrow.

I tend to use a 12mm lense. Not too narrow view, and the distance on screen isn't too distorted.

Upcoming traffic. The IR emission of tail lights from car driving in front of you, the headlights of cars driving towards you and all other IR sources out there might (and will) saturate the CCD. You can avoid this by placing an IR through filter in front of the CCD.

Anyhow: Here's how it behaved while testrunning it before I made a more permanent install. http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/review-palace/70837-hardware-review-nitemax-nm-1000-a-2.html#post1039529


10 years ago

If you do, it would be extremely dangerous to drive on roads with no headlights as other cars would not be able to see you.


Answer 10 years ago

i was planning to keep the park/low beams on and use the high beam for infrared lights so that it would not cause glare:D