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has the site been down? PS, the text editor won't load. Answered


I could not comment using IE, but I switched to Mozilla, and it works fine.

Yes.  The servers were down for a couple of hours, and are apparently still experiencing a DOS attack.  Please be patient.

hours?  I haven't been able to get in since Friday evening....until just a bit ago.....

8 years ago

First page visited seems to load fine.
Then all other links time out. 
Surprised I was able to log in to make post.
All other log in attempts have failed.

hmmm I thought my computer was just stuffed, it apparently that is not the case...

I had this same problem last night (05/28/10) - I thought they had completely blocked me at work :-)

thatttt would explain why im getting a 403 error on the home page.
DoS attacks are dumb.. i hope everything gets worked out.