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have humans been able to create lightning? Answered

don't know and I want to know


Lighting is just a big electric spark, so yes, of course we can. Van de Graaf generators, or Tesla coils can generate arc voltages into the 10s of millions of volts

can humans create that much energy though?

(a) That was a joke. I guess you're too young :-/

(b) Look up nuclear power plants. A typical large electrical generating plant produces around a gigawatt.

*ahem* 1.21 gigawatts (the movie was on the other day). :-)

As a native Californian, I think the only proper response is,

What *ev-ar*!

What is your definition of "lightning"? - it is important.


real lightning from storms aka plasma

This is philosophical on the word "create".
People have experimented with rockets dragging wire into the sky: it works if you're lucky.
If you define "create" as to ignite the plasma, rather than generate the energy, then you can have a "yes".
Otherwise, electrical plasmas aren't that hard to do, the scale / power / size is the difference.


Yes. Why didn't you type your keywords directly into Google, instead of wasting time here? In fact, why don't you go do that right now, instead of wasting time here?

because i already had instructables open in this tab and I am lazy

Nikola Mother******* Tesla Made lightning in his laboratory like it wa'n't no thang. I read somewhere a while ago that he held the record for longest artificial lightning bolt for a very long time.

And of course have you ever been shocked by a tiny spark when you grab a doorknob on a dry day or something? A millimeter long spark runs at about 3,000 volts.

i am talking about matching lightning from storms in terms of amount of energy


5 years ago

Coaxing lightning to leave the clouds and crash to earth..
there are two way four ways to do so...