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haven't some of these been done? Answered

I am pretty sure a few of the burning questions from round seven have been done. Do we still do them?


I realize now that if I had taken pictures, I would have three Burning Questions answered by now: "Remodel bathroom," "Paint Walls," and "Remove Wallpaper." D'oh! :P

lol unlucky, Want to borrow my time machine ?

Yeah the cardboard box... Can I borrow it? (lollollollolollollol!!!!)


9 years ago

We have many of these projects already on the site, only those projects were not published with the correct titles. For example: Homemade pizza Homemade ice cream Write a resume As a result, we're going to have those projects published again with exactly the right titles so people can find what they're looking for.

Wouldn't it be better to have those turned into keywords and direct them to the already existing instructables rather than to duplicate your content? Or even suggest to the author to change the name and expect more page hits? Just a thought.

I meant add a comment to the post at the end of the link (above). You've created a new Forum Topic here. L

One of the rules is the wording - the titles have to match the questions exactly, since those are the phrases that bring visitors to the site.