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heads or tails? Answered

i've come up with a great way to play heads and tails on the web! first a person (the challenger) asks someone to play. then the defender PMs the challenger to call heads or tails. then a moderator (adrian monk) will flip a coin at her end and declare the results publicly. if the defender called the winning side, he wins, if the defender called the losing side, the challenger wins


Wow. Your game sounds more complicated on the Internet than it is in the real world lol Are you sure Adriana Monka will make a fair and neutral moderator if I play ??? ........ She slapped me twice, you know ...... Xo( Okay ... So, as you challenged me, I'm supposed to PM you with "Head" or "Tail", right ?

Moi ??! Very rude ??!
That's very bizarre ... You must be confusing me with someone else ......... *cough*Labot*cough*

I'm going to run an investigation to determine what happened exactly.

One time you asked if I was coming to france, I don't recall the other time I slapped you.

I really should slap you for saying that you don't think intelligent females exist!

> I don't recall the other time I slapped you.

Strangely, neither I do ... So I guess my brain bounced in my skull the only time you slapped me, and I accidentally counted double. =o)


10 years ago

Jeesh - is this what summer does to you people?

You could...

  • build a raft and float down the River
  • ride your bike a state or two over (both excellent Travel Contest entries...)
  • build a bazooka in your back yard
  • finish your entry in the Robot Contest (10 days left - plenty of time for one of these)
  • learn to weld
  • apply for a summer internship with Instructables

... or, I guess you could play heads or tails online... :-D

I agree. This heads-or-tails is too confusing, anyway.

pm me-heads or tails

Oh! This explains the "heads or tails?" question on my orangeboard! Ok, I'll moderate, if you want...

Who would want to play heads or tails on the web or even at all.

i would, you would, everyone would