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hearing electromagnetic stuff Answered

well, I was going to plug my ipod into some old computer speakers. my thumb touched the tip of the jack (ground) and it makes a buzzin noise. Big woop. No, as I go to reach my ipod it makes a big buzzing noise. what I was hearing was the electromagnetic waves. I reach for my cell phone and then a loud really highpitched noise ccame out. I waver my hand over my computer's power supply, I here a loud buzzing noise. How to do this: press tip of thumb to tip of 3.5mm jack turn your speakers up pretty high waver hand over complex electronics boy, do i have fun mornings, lol, being sarcastic


yeah, this is one of the many reasons I always had troubles "pretesting" RF modules I was building, when younger. That, and the bloody AM signals I would pick up and inject into anything I was holding on to *sigh*

. You're a pretty good antenna. :) You're hearing the 50/60 cycle hum that your body picks up from the power lines plus misc freqs generated by the equipment. . How can you stand all the excitement? heehee