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hello friends !!!!!!!!!!! Answered

I am girl dong my final yr. 6 months back we had a training program. I got impressed with one of the trainer. But at that time I don’t know that I like him. After a month I found social site and we become friends. Then I wished on all occasions and also got replied from him. After that Both of us had friendly conversations. But passed three weeks he is not replying for any text r wishes of mine. In fact not even seeing my messages. Though we are in different places have contact only through social site, I don’t have contact number also.  Am totally out of mind. I know am really missing him and I want make him as mine. I am serious about it. Say How to impress him who is in different place? .. what I should do so tat he should text me?...
Friends suggest me some Ideas…
Genuine comments please ...............




4 years ago

We always want what we can not get...

You only like trainer after distant conversation, Wow ! friendship is a most excellent first start ! ..... You want to him to like you more, read this


You just joined ibles and we know nothing about you, what country / city you live, What education you have, what sports you like, what conversations you had ..... You must agree we do not know if you are an actress, a good cook, an enchanting singer, like small animals or a story teller....

Lots of things we are not able to guess, what it is you are most capable ?

You did your final year 6mos ago, are you now working a job ?

"Shooting in the dark" ( an expression of how hard it is to help you ) try a love potion https://www.instructables.com/howto/love+potion/

is all that comes as an answer from my knowledge of this site.

Genuine assistance, Now your young dreams time is making those wonderful memories you will always have, take the journey slowly savoring the path before you.


4 years ago

It is hard to stay in a long relationship. It is even harder to start one. If you want him then you need to go to him. There are women everywhere, a lot closer to him than you are. Women he can actually see and talk to and touch and feel.


4 years ago

A relationship between a student and an educator is not normally appropriate. Depending on your various ages, it is, at best unprofessional on the part of the educator, at worst it is illegal. In most cases, it could cost him his job.


Answer 4 years ago

Yeah I'd encourage some caution too...

It may send a negative msg to others that are still his (Students?, sorry I'm working with what Info you provided :P)

Still if some time has passed who knows. It really depends on what age group the two of you are in; there is No clear cut answer.

Dating is kind of like tennis. Someone serves the ball and it's up to the other to return it; sometimes the rally builds, but often doesn't happen. If he's not putting in the effort to move Forward, then he is a friend/acquaintance and it may be time to move on (Guys are simple like that)

In the end I'd say be true and trust in yourself; You'll know what to do :)