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hello ,i am a chinese girl~I English not, please understand. Answered

Hello everybody, I am a Chinese girl! A few days ago on the Internet to see this wonderful site, so I joined and became a member. Thus, a Chinese girl on the Internet and can with you. We hope we can good friend.


Welcome to instructables! I am Glad you are here!

Hi! Welcome to Instructables. :)

Not all names mean anything beyond "this word designates this person".

(Having said that, my real name means "warlike" in Hebrew, and "dedicated to Mars" in Latin.)

Hello Mark. (Marcus) I hope.

One of those is correct...

My son is called Mark so i'll pick that. Bye.

Really?!? Your mum was shipped off to Austrailia? Wow, you're even older than I thought you were ;->

as in doing hard time? Wow, he's even tougher than I thought.

I'd be proud to have Kiteman as my (pseudo) son. My real son is aged 48 and called Mark. His nick-name is Pommy. Enjoyed your remarks.

I'd have to be your younger son, then - I'm 43.

Of course. :-) Actually, it _is_ an odd assumption to make about a foreign name...

I was saying that the assumption that your name must have a special meaning is a strange assumption for me to make.

No really, Dr. Watson.  Depending on the dialect and pronunciation, and how it is written in Chinese characters, can you discern the meaning of the name.  Names are chosen by family elders to have lucky or great meaning to bestow on the youngins.  A good guess on my part would be "dai= big, zi han=pointing to the sky/heavens", ominous of something awesome.  That said, it would be unlike the convention used for some Anglo-Saxon names...like NachoMahma - agitated bear who squats in woods...wait, bad example...or variations on Bob...

No, In China, the name does not contain too much significance, Dai is my name, Zihan is my name. I do not know my name of in English meaning, but in China represents an auspicious meaning.

.  A Q&D search of my Biblical Hebrew dictionary reveals no "kiteman." Perhaps it was spelled chiteman (or some other variant) before the Kite people immigrated to the UK. heehee


7 years ago

candy, dont worry english is not very difficult. i can teach you ok? and the good thing is that i am in china now. am in zhejiang province.. so dont worry. am a teacher there. u can call me on 13586660276. then we take it from there....... hope to hear from you

.  Hello and welcome to Instructables!

.  My computer didn't understand that. :(  It displays a few black diamonds (with question marks in the middle) and some other characters.

sorry,I English not, please understand.! nice to meet you!i like United States,because i Think United States is a Interesting country

The United States is a very interesting place. We have people whose ancestors came from many countries, with many cultures. In the US, many people have 2 or 3 names. The last name is usually the name of the family and the first name (or first and second names) refer to the individual. My brothers and sisters would have the same family name as me, but our first two names are different.


Now this is odd. In the threads themselves, the characters show as non-displayable glyphs. If you go to the user's profile, at least my version of Firefox displays them properly as simplified Chinese. I suspect that I'bles page generator isn't doing the correct font encoding.

Welcome to instructables!

oh! i like the United States .very good ~thanks !But I'm not in English speak,I'm not can english read ..,because i english not well......

thanks~! please teach me English ! I English not, please understand.

Ni hao ma? Welcome to the site!