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hello my name is Mohamed i'm from Egypt i need some help please i need to make a simple project in logic design ? Answered

i don't know many things in logic this is my first time to make a project so please try to use a simple way to could make the project for more information i can make any project but (my professor say that i will give you A+ if you make digital clock)  i have only 5days.................. i need to know.. what are the things i need to use i need to know the name of it to buy and make the project




Best Answer 6 years ago

Here is a simple Digital Clock circuit if you can get the parts in a week.

"The digital clock of circuit, has as base one IC, the MM5314N, in which are contained all the circuits that need. The IC1 collaborates with six Display of common anode, that are not critically as materials. You can select what dimension, you want it is enough you adapt pins their in the circuit. The display are drive by a system of polyplexis and are drive by thirteen transistors. For timing the circuit, is used the frequency of network (50HZ). This solution is the simplest, that it is not best. For more constant frequency you can use a circuit that would be based on crystal, (it will be given shortly). For the clue of hour are used six display of 7 element common anode. The DS1-DS2, show the hours (decades-unit respectively), the DS3-DS4, show the minutes and DS5-DS6, the seconds."

I had a cursory look for the chip you used - can you still get it ???


Don't know, but what can be found in modern day Egypt ?

Bet you have a recent one.

Also why I selected the 8051

There are hundreds of circuit sites on the web for mmamdouh


Having worked in Cairo on and off a few years ago, their electronic shops beat ours absolutely hands down. There are some very very clever folks in Egypt - clearly not all of them try and get others to do their projects for them.


Well, for obvious reasons I'd go for the 89V51....



6 years ago

Here is a pointer to more details and a parts list.
I am told Egypt has excellent parts stores start calling the stores
looking for the MM5314N as there some doubt if you can find one.


6 years ago

If you are wiling to explain software to your Professor then this is a 
simpler wiring using the 8051 micro controller.
The site has the software in a zip file.

See the circuit and parts kit pics.  .  .  .   .   A


Classic digital clock designs in discrete logic - search on Google.

Logic design of digital clock ?

the problem is there is no one show me the name of the things he used and i need to know so if you find a good link send it ti me please

You can Google the same as me.
You've done a logic design course, your professor is expecting YOUR efforts.

With no experience and only 5 days you are really pushing it.

1. some kind of oscillator to provide the basic time signal

2. A counter to divide the time signal down to seconds and mins and hours.

3. Some kind of display driver to send the information (numbers) to the 7 segment display.

Not at all easy you will earn that A+ and them some.