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help building a pirate ship wheel Answered

Hi, im just gonna jump strait to the point. My brother has nicknamed his car because it reminds him of pirates of the carribian. And because he wanted to make or buy a pirate ship steering wheel so he could attatch it to his car. Im no good with designing things so i ank you to please instruct and/or help in building this, or finding one online.

Much help apreciated


See RedneckEngineer's comment about safety -- does your friend really want a 1" wooden stake going through his brain in an accident?

Having said that, I think you could make something to go on the steering wheel which would both look sufficiently aarrggh-ful, and be safe to drive with. Keep in mind that this is just an idea -- you'll need to try it out, adjust it, maybe make a couple of iterations before it comes out right.

Start with something flimsy and lightweight. I searched for "plastic ships wheel" on Google and got this as one of the first hits. You can do the same search and look at various options.

The description says it's 24" full height; the picture (on my laptop) is 2-1/4" from one tip to the opposite. Scaling suggests that the "handles" (I don't know the proper nautical term) are each about 4" long, and the wheel proper is 16" diameter.

Now, 16" is just about the normal size of a car steering wheel! So you could take this, remove the back side and central core, and just slip fit it over the regular steering wheel. Punch some matched holes toward the back side and use zip-ties to secure it to the wheel.

For the airbag, you must remove the central core, and whichever spokes cover up the middle block on the steering wheel. That's the cover that pops off when the airbag deploys, so you don't want it obstructed. The other spokes can be left in place to give a nice look.

your coment was very helpful, and i think we might go with the cover idea. but i also want to make it look a little more authentic then plastic, so i might try and build one that can fit over the steering wheel or be attatched around it, i like the idea becaus ethe airbag was/is still a big concern. thank you

Dude, just get a brown steering wheel cover and some foam pool noodles that you can cut to length, paint and glue to the steering wheel cover. It is removeable for real driving.

Just put "pirate wheel" in the search box above.

Where were you going to attach the wheel? Fore, aft, on the rims, mod the steering wheel(it might hurt when it spins around)...

thank you
we were planning on putting it in place of the steering wheel, but thats another obstical that one of his friends might be able to solve

Might kinda hurt if you get in a accident and eat the wheel, not to mention if there is a airbag shooting out at over 100 miles an hour to your face. Might I suggest you instead look at adding a figurehead to the hood. Just a random thought.

Damned straight. See my suggestion above (and thanks for your post as my inspiration!) for a way to mitigate the hazard.