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help building/making peanut deskinner Answered


i would really like some help if someone could assist

i am setting out in a business venture with peanuts. i am buying a batch peanut roaster but now i would like to know is it possible for me to build my own peanut deskinner/blancher. thats a machine to take the red skin of from the peanuts. something i can make myself which wont be too expensive. i sort of have an idea what the machine should look like but i tink what i really need is a plan or drawing and materials i need in order to make something like this. 

i thionk all the machine needs to do after roasting the peanuts the peanuts shiould rub against each other or a belt in order to take the skin of and it kinda has to have a shute where all the skin would fall or be blown.

any help whatsoever would be really appreciated.

thank you



3 years ago

Get a small drum mixed. The kind used as cement mixers. In the industry it's called a candy panner. As the drum spins the skins break loose. Slowly poor them out as a fan blows across, Clean peanuts land in the bowl and the skins fly away.

Here is a DIY option.


3 years ago

Have you tried a little washing machine?
Should get rid of the skin and all you have to do is blow some air through the remove the skin.


3 years ago


Put them in a vertical tube with a mesh plate across the bottom and an open top.

Blast air up the tube to make the nuts bounce and rub against each other, and the skins blow up the tube.

You might need a wide section of tube at the top, so that nuts slow down and fall back, and direct the vented air through a mesh bag to catch the blown skins.