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help identify numbers on this chip? Answered

okay, so im looking to replace some IC's in a laptop. simple enough, but theres one thing. the part numbers differ by only one digit, and searching for either returns identical results.
its a DDR ram chip, made by samsung, part "K4D551638F-TC40". the number that changes on two of the four chips is on the first line, with the word "Samsung". one two of the chips its a "510", while on the other two its a "540". if i google the chip and go to images, most of the results show one with a 510 on it.
i know it isnt the clock speed, because according to the datasheet that is shown by the "TC40", so does anyone have a clue what those 3 digits on that first line mean? if anything?


In other words, its the "K4D55" bit you need to match, not the 510

Its a production date code or batch number.

yup, fifth week of 2010 (my guess) or 51 week of 2000 (depends how old the laptop)
or tenth week of 05 and alt part 40th week of 05.

Wish they were a bit more specific.

ah, ok. that makes sense. this laptop is from '05 so it makes sense that it might be the tenth week of 05 or whatever.
thanks for the info!

I'd like to have seen a 0 in front of the 5 to be sure ;-)