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help identifying an unknown object? Answered

its about 4" long, solid brass, appears to have been nickel or chrome plated at one time and has four screw holes in it. any help with identifying it is greatly appreciated.



Best Answer 5 years ago

To me it looks like a support for a folding seat. Something from a swanky theater with plush seats. . It has a pivot point and support for a chair bottom. The bottom hole is probably for a spring to pull the seat up when not used.

+1. Seat hinge from an old theatre.

Could it be the handle of a Saw? ?

The shape looks like that of the hammer of a gun, but it is to big and very ornate.

Where did you find it?


Worth money as scrap metal, but do you have a plan for making something with it?


Gate latch

Fire grate ornament

End of a Shepard's crook