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help making candy eyeglasses Answered

Has anyone ever  made candy eyeglasses?
I could do with so help and advice to how to do this.
I have no clue of where to begin


icing,cany cane bits and a glasses shape tray should work...then put in freezer over night

What ever happened to this project?

Do you want the whole thing to be candy, or just the lenses?

Your idea is awesome, really appreciated, going to make these glasses.
See what you can come up with on the glass case and contact lens holder.

Blown away by your idea, for glass case, anymore ideas on the eye subject?.

I have some other things that I have to make, is it possible for me to pick your brain for some ideas for these things?
These are also eye related

See what you think of my ideas, first (PM sent, see last line), but I'm always around to help.