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help me identify and price this Russian AK47 7.62 mm training replica? Answered

Made in 1967 by The Fourth Army Training Center in Fort Polk, Louisiana. Cast from a mold and made of a heavy durable plastic. About 5lbs, 28 inches long. Inscribed on side (see pic)



Are you familiar with that item?
Training Aids support center is a place on Army bases (most every big post has them) that allows units to "borrow or use" training aids. Its a big warehouse full of cool toys to play with, and the staff get bored so they are fun to help.

Its a "rubber ducky", its not meant to fire just to simulate someone holding an ak47. You can drop it, swim with it, put a guy in a man dress and let him walk around with it. Looks like the barrel probably broke off at some point.
Fort Polk used to be a training center to ship Soldiers to Vietnam. That very rifle was probably used to train Soldiers to prepare them for Vietnam.
A brand new rubber ducky sells on ebay for 100-200 bucks. You could probably ask 75-100 or give it to a museum or something (tax credit!!)


5 years ago

Thanks MattHatter ! Is it really called a rubber ducky or is that your nickname for it? Its a hard rubber though feels like oak! Anyway yeah I see the barrel is broken but still a cool piece.I will list it on Ebay and see what happens! thx again

it doesn't look right it the barrel broken? it looks too short. I don't partially like guns but you got to admire the engineering that went it to that thing, first built in 1947 an and still the favourite gun of every terrorist :)

You've identified it yourself. For the value, that's purely down to what folk will pay - try Ebay.