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help me out to get 12V output from this UPS transformer (600VA)(240Vac)? Answered

the following images shows the resistance measured across different primary inputs. I'm not able to get 12V output, but is supposed to provide 12V+ to charge the battery(12V).                 The voltage across secondary in AC is as : 6.7Vac(input across Black-Green)            9.0Vac(input across Black-Blue)                         7.7Vac(input across Black-Yellow)



3 years ago

Is there any conductivity between the thick primary side (assiming it is an step up output Xformer)

What are you considering "primary" and "secondary", this looks like the power output transformer for the UPS, so its expecting high current 12V on the heavy red and blue pins.

Then stick mains in on black and green, using a light bulb to keep the current down, and measure on the red and blue.


3 years ago

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