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help! my girlfriends parents are crazy strict! im not kidding. Answered

just to explain she's 17. we wanted to see a movie. here parents said it had to be PG. and her dad had to escort and observe at all times! anybody have some help/encouragement it would be much appreciated.


invite her perants round for tea and cook them a meal

I guess she went along with this? Ditch her? L What's your girlfriend's opinion on her parents - this really matters a lot.

Her parents are responsible for turning her into a responsible, mature adult. How they do that is up to them. If the parents pay the bills, the parents set the rules. (I'm a parent too.)

the parents here go well beyond where they should. the PG part plain proves it

First off, how old are you? That could play a big part in their strictness. Has she ever done anything that would make her parents distrust her? I'm guessing that her parents aren't all of a sudden strict and that it has been a pretty consistent thing growing up for her. Maybe you could just let the cat out of the bag and tell the parents straight up that you aren't going to get her pregnant or beat her.

thats possible but the PG part makes me think that the issue is just the parents maybe they also censor her internet access ?

there is light at the end of the tunnel....the girl's dad holding a flashlight that is :-P But in all seriousness, things will (probably) get better once her parents get to know you a little better.