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help on modding a ps2 controller? Answered

i would like to know if anybody has ever modded a game controller to deliver a mild electric shock like this instead of vibrating. i would assume all it would take is to remove the the motor and wire in a transformer with contacts on the outer casing. if my theory in right please comment with any improvements you may have or if anyone has ever done this before please give exact instructions. all help is greatly  appreciated.


Using piezo ignition will not be an option I think since it can't be controlled electrically.

Nor th eIgnition Coil.

A custom Transformer and a Oscillator will help.

You will need a ferrite core, a transistor and fine winding wire, few resistance.

There is a circuit I will post soon. hold on

Can you find a T2 Transformer from an old Radio Shop. It is also called Audio Transformer. Else get a cheap shock pen And modify it. Nice project you think of. I will definitely give a try.

I don't think that you will get the effect you desire.

That pin doesn't have any electronics in it. It uses a piezo ignition like what some lighters and gas grills use to start a flame.

I remember my high school electronics teacher set up a small electric fence with a couple of wires, and a transformer. There may have been a relay in there or in place of the transformer.  That was over 15 years ago so its hard to remember.

With the power on the leads from the device would not hurt you. But once the power was shut off the stored energy was released into the victim's fingers. I don't remember what kind of transformer it was or how much voltage he put into it but i think it was at least 9V. The voltage for the motors may not be enough to create the desired effect. Not to mention the power going through the leads may not be on long enough to store the charge needed. Also if the motors are being powered allot that means they are just running constantly so no shock would be given. Under heavy fire situations in an FPS the play wouldn't experience anything.

i don't have one of the pens myself but i assumed it would work off the same principles as a shocking flashlight i have in which as long as the metal button is pressed and you are touching a metal contact on the back it delivers a constant shock. and is powered by a small transformer and a 1.5 v AAA battery.