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help on sizing of heavy load brushless motor? Answered

hello everyone and thanks for this well written lesson Mr randofo,

can anyone refer me to how i can calculate and find the right motor for my tricycle vehicle project,

the motor should be able to carry a load weight of 240KG , used to help the pedalist and especially to overcome inclined routes. the motor will be powered by bateries that are chargeable with solar panels.


The last motor is a ME0909 permanent magnet DC motor and is rated at 24-48V and 2000-4000W. Its stall current rating is listed at 98A. This is the type of motor that might be used in a (fast) go-kart, golf cart, or an electric motorbike.

This motor is heavy-duty and serious business, and is rated at 4HP (horsepower) continuous and 12.8HP peak operation.Mr Randofo once built a robotic platform powered by two of these and had 12 people sitting atop it without a noticeable reduction in speed. Including the weight of the robot itself, these motors were moving over 3,000 pounds (1.5 tons) with little problem.