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help wanted designing an aircraft Answered

I'm planning to build a one man electric aircraft without the use of batteries.
But to make it the best i can i want it to be designed very well.
And since i don't have enough experience with designing i really need some help on that part.
The electrical part i can do myself just like building the aircraft.

If there is anyone who can and want to help me i'd really appreciate it.

For more details on the project please contact me.


I think even solar powered electric aircraft use batteries. What was your concept?

I was thinking about on-board generator(s) that is/are powered by the electric motor(s). I know it's possible, cause i worked as a DC motor rebuilder.

That's the part I don't get. Are you looking at designing a human pedal powered machine, gas engine, steam power, battery to get those electric motors to somehow provide thrust for you aircraft. Once you get in the air are you trying to harness the airflow over the wings to turn turbines to generate electricity? Are you looking a a towed or launched glider?

I'm looking to build one with 1 or 2 electric motors that get their power from the on-board generator(s). To get the motor(s) started you're going to need an ''outside'' power source. That way you don't need any batteries on board and thereby reduce the weight and increase the flight distance.