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help with a chaser board Answered

Hi all i am very very new to all of this and i am working to light up a model if you can help me i would be very great full. Ok so i want to connect Led 1 threw 5 to the 555 timer and 6and 7 to be solid on. The resistors are 1/4 W 5% 470R OHM I was told to put the resistors on the negative point of the LED for the chasers. Do i need to put some on the Solid ones? I am using 4 AA Batteries for power and that gives me 6V. All of the lights will be in a serial circuit. The chasers Led are 3mm 5.0V @ 20mA The solid Led are 3mm 3.6V @ 20MA The fun part: How do i connect it all together? I bought a Breadboard and i am trying to figure it out lol !!! Now i was told that the timer chip is to bridge the gap image 2 That i also has to connect the the bottom and top of the gap like so image 3 OK so on the breadboard the resistors go parallel? from the 555 chip image 4? And the Led goes like this for the chaser image 5 ? Any help would be great and thanks


Thank you for the info. Last night i found an old bike light that has a chase in it so i am going to try to install the board from the bike light on the lights that are going to be and just run the solids from the parallel power source. What do you think?


11 years ago

Note that this flashes. It doesn't "chase." To chase, IMO, you need at least three outputs that are turned on in sequence. With a 555 and no other active components, you can only do two.

OK.. I think this is the diagram you need. All the resistor values were found using this site:

Let me know if you need help figuring out the wiring.