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helppppp pleasssssss wireless game controller? Answered

i have bought this online its a cheap wireless game controller


today its usb receiver for pc just gave up.. its connection led is not blinking and its not installing on pc... can any one tell me how can get its replacement receiver or fix it myself.. plssss help me.. i just fixed the controller.. and now receiver is gone :(



Look on ebay for a broken controller of the same make and model. Or contact the manufacture and see if they can replace or sell you a new receiver.

could'nt find it on ebay tried before.. and for manufacture i have contacted them so far no reply from them( i dont think they will either )... its nitho football club wireless ps3/pc gamepad... is'nt there any way i can make it work.. i had remove the chip of the receiver from its container... there is HRF-975RX written on it.. cant i do anything with it ????

If the main chip on the receiver is burnt out there isn't anything you can do with it. Chances are it's some sort of custom micro controller. So even if you found a similar chip you'd still need to upload the proper code to make it work right. Afraid your out of luck. Short of buying a new controller.

does not seem anything burnt on the chip... it actually happend after power outage pc turned off before i could properly shutdown it... and when power came and i turned on pc that damn receiver just gave up..

sorry about the quality of image its the best i can get currently....

Untitled 1.jpg

Yep the serge could have damaged the unit easily. I took out a wireless keyboard playing around with a USB plasma globe. Well i had it plugged into a 9V wall wart so it was putting off all sorts of RF that fried it. Several times before it would just knock it out so i had to unplug it and plug it back in so the PC would see it again. Finally it gave out all together.

There is nothing you can do for devices like that. Especially when the IC is one of those potted blobs.