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hey can anyone give me a list of cree leds (lumens,volt,power etc. ? Answered

I am looking for a cree led with a lumens of about 1000 lm(cool white).Pls suggest a site suitable for purchasing these items if you could,,


Dear Jayefuu,I've spent hours searching on google.But I don't know which sites I can trust,some shows outdated lists and I wont buy a thing online until someone suggests me it is safe in that particular site.Here at Instructables,its trustable and I feel secure on taking decisions after consulting with you folks(BTW I am not too lazy to completely rely upon you)

You really need to learn to use Google. All of your previous questions you could have easily answered yourself with 10 minutes of searching on Google.

In answer to THIS question, start by looking at the specs of their LEDs on Cree's website. Then search google for suppliers for that particular LED.


...and 1000 lumens will be in the 10-20 watt range.