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hey can anyone give me the Piece list for Knex 6 foot ferris wheel-http://knex.com/Thrill_Rides/6-foot-ferris-wheel.php? Answered


Last year I called the manufacturer and got this piece count. There are a few things not in the list like motors and a metal rod. I also don't think this includes clips, but I found what I could. CONNECTOR - STRAIGHT - ORANGE 460 CONNECTOR -(2)- LT GREY 200 CONNECTOR -(3)- RED 400 CONNECTOR -(4)- GREEN 290 CONNECTOR -(5)- YELLOW 400 CONNECTOR -(7H)- BLUE 695 CONNECTOR -(8)- WHITE 216 ROD .75"- GREEN 2107 ROD 1.3125"- WHITE 530 ROD 2.25"- BLUE 1145 ROD 3.4375"- YELLOW 570 ROD 5.125"- RED 335 ROD 7.5"- LT GREY 150 ROD 5.125"- GOLD 4 SPACER 3 WIDE SILVER 120 CONNECTOR - (1) - Purple 68 CONNECTOR -(4H)- DK. Gray 688 ROD 7.5"- BLACK CELSTRAN - 146 Unless you really want to build the actual ferris wheel I would just search around on Ebay till you find some big lots. You will save a lot of money. I hope this helps, Killer~SafeCracker

I have posted a parts list for this model on my instructable if anyone is interested: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-6-Foot-Ferris-Wheel-Instructions/

I wouldn't even buy that set in the first place (unless you already did).  You could buy 4 BBF's or 6 SS's for less than that amount of money (and that's not counting eBay).

All I know is that it has 8,550 pieces.

Did you try to contact the manufacturer? I would think they would furnish the list and plans since buying them in small kits or batches is going to pay them more than selling the kit will. You don't have to tell they you're planning on buying all your parts off ebay.


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