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hey i have purchase a rc car circuit few days ago but its all wires has been broken Answered

in my rc car circuit all the wires has been broken from the circuit board(1,2nd motor wires,antena wire,batterywire) so any one of you smart people plz help me i would be thankful for that



You'll usually see wires connect to the OTHER side of the board, protrude through, and be soldered on the side you have showing (solder side).

Look for spots where the wires may have connected (look for stubby ripped off connections).

The motor connections will go to large transistors that switch the current off and on.
The antenna connection will go probably under something shielded.

hi there are spots in this picture so plz help,tell me which spot is of which wire


its hard to say without seeing both sides of the board.

brother same problem my rc car circuit connection is remove same circuit brother

I'm afraid I can't be of much use -- between the picture quality, and the circuit being super crap designed. Is one of the transistors busted off at the top right? looks like the transistors form 2 h-bridges to drive 2 motors, as to how I'm not exactly sure. Sorry dude.