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hey i was wondering if this transformer would be enough to fully charge a 450v capacitor from a 9v battery. Answered



And the cap shorts the transformer.
So much wrongness...

I'm with all the other answers; AND your request having the keyword 'tazers' makes me think you don't understand electrical safety. Do not put 400+ volts into a capacitor to hurt someone. it will get you arrested.

There are several things wrong with this idea. For brevity I'll just mention two of them.  One is that transformers do not work with DC, at least not directly.  The other is that the transformer you have linked to has turns ratio of 1:1, so it would be tricky to get a large voltage boost out of it, no matter how you were driving it.

One easy way to charge a capacitor to a voltage of around 300 volts, or so,   is to use the flash-charger circuit from a disposable, or junked, camera.  This is the usual way people here build little tazer type toys, and there are a bunch of instructables on this subject in the "Related" panel on the right there,

If you want more info about how flash-charger circuits actually work, I recommend this page:

How can I say this in as diplomatic way as possible... I can't help but feel that your current grasp of electronics is somewhat behind your aspirations. I think you should start at the beginning with some basic understanding of what your dealing with and then do some practical.

A 9 volt battery isn't going to provide enough power to charge the capacitor to 450 volts, you can't get something for nothing. As you transform the voltage UP the available current goes down so that the overall power available stays the same, (Watts = Volts x Amps),.

This in addition to what is said by the others.


6 years ago

ive looked at all the others, i wrecked all my cameras.. lol they just stopped working after i finished with them. so how wold i use the transformer in this case and should i also be looking for a transformer on a ratio of about 1:100-1000?