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hi! I have to make some outside signs in driftwood, and paint some letters on them. Need good ideas to do it! Answered

I have to make some outside signs from natural driftwood, and paint some letters on them. But they are several plaques with different texts and colors... Need good ideas to do it !Iam not a great hand designer so I would like to know if you help me with a good idea to paint the letters in a way that dont depend of my drawing skills. Stencil maybe? But cut cut so many different stencils would be crazy... Make a stencil for each letter? Eaven so would take ages till the ink in each letter dries to get to the next one without smudge painting...
What about ink? is there any good solution affordable and time resistant?
The plaques are for a school project...


Just print out the words on regular cheap paper, then tape the sheet on the driftwood and with a sharp tool trace around the letters so that the wood gets a "score" line. Then remove the sheet and you have a line to follow for painting. It'll still look good if you take your time (and its faster than cutting out all the letters, especially with a fancier font). Just get a few quality, natural hair paintbrushes. If you do the edges with a flat or tapered brush you'll have more control and then use any larger brush to paint in the middle. If you use water-based paints (like acrylic) you can easily fix mistakes with a wet paintbrush.

You could also get acrylic paint markers, which may be easier for you to trace around the edges with. Using the paint markers just around the edges may look really good if you used it in black, white or in another contrasting color to the letters.

Find a font you like on your Pc print out your sign.

Cut the letters out to make stencil either spray over lightly or stipple with a brush to gave you something to paint over

thanks rick but cuting stencils takes me too many time... There are so many plaques to do... I will try canucksgirl advise!

If your pressed for time get the stencils cut with a laser cutter.