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hi- can i reprogram a musical greeting card to play an mp3 of my choice? (or make a similar tiny 1-song stereo)? Answered

i want to make the smallest and cheapest possible music player for one song that i can fit into a bottle and hook a trigger up to so it will start/stop a song of my choice when a cork is pulled out/ replaced. is this a dream? could it happen? if anyone has any insight, i would be so grateful (i don't know enough about tech hardware to know how to do this myself!)
thank you!


 Check out the recordable modules now available at http://www.vocalgreetings.com. They have a plastic tab that must move/slide to start the playback of whatever you want to record. It might work to insert a stiff wire (coat hanger?) into the cork and attach the other end to the module so the tab would slide when the cork is pulled out. The pictures of the module on the website show how the modules work and would help you figure out whether you could rig it up to work the way you want. Sounds like a very interesting idea!

this is a difficult way,
attaching a small magnet to the cork and using a small reed switch located near the cork would be a much better option.

I also was going to suggest a recording module from electronics123.com.  The url below is for the card type.  They are about $US 5.50 each.


you can't re-program those cards...

you can, however get a programmable recording module, like the one used here: