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hi does anybody know how to make an automatic gate motor Answered

im looking to make them for the gates of my house
like the ones you see built into the ground
and work by a ram and can be used with a fob i would love a set but there very expensive


I've heard the hydraulic ones can be leaky and tricky to run, I'd stick with a leadscrew drive, but put some GOOD overload protection on it.


Unless you are quite proficient in metal fabrication, electrical construction, and/or hydraulics, your best bet would be to buy a gate operator and install it. In the long run, it will be safer, easier to install, and probably cheaper.

well i am a qualified fitter turner
just havent touched on electrical circuits in a while
but if i had some type of layout for it
it would all come back to me
hydraulics and welding etc are what i do be at fairly often

The biggest challenge is going to be making them _safe_.