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hi guys looking for anstructable to make a ovulis ,someone said u could hack a speak and spell? Answered

hi guys im looking for instructions on building an ovulis for paranormal research it aparenty uses energy waves and turns them into voice from alleged spirit, it has a libary of words or it has no dictionary



7 years ago

Someone is pulling your chain. There are no such things as spirits or energy waves from spirits, much less a device to interpret them. Try something real, build a radio or a new type of portable music player or anything that can produce real results.

The sounds help a person "tune-in" (to something...)


I suppose someone could either hack the S&S or write a program that randomly outputs words from its dictionary at random times (make it highly sensitive to RF noise, for example), put a dummy antenna on it, and trust the human audience to convince themselves that these utterances are actually meaningful...

... and I'm guessing that this is roughly what was done. Not bothering to investigate, since I'm really not that interested.

Found a video of someone using one. Certainly sounds like random words to me.

Sounds about right. Humans are sadly excellent at pattern recognition, whether there's anything to recognize or not.

Google is your friend, provided you take the time to use it.


The link provided on that page, to the "Ovulis 1" from Digital Dowsing, is discontinued.

Burf is right, of course, but hey, it's your money.

I have also fixed the categorization.