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hi i am looking for a good free pc circut designer what should i use? Answered

i cant find a good one
im designing and making a custom 2 channel sound controlled light


I, like Steve, have always used a paid for solution... Protel (now Altium)... however, there is a great list of free, open-source and paid for PCB Design Tools here... some of these also include spice capabilities... if you are looking for circuit simulation and design, then as AndyGadget suggests, something like pspice is what you should look for... like any software, you quickly get the hang of it and will push it to its limits... however, if you are looking at free and open-source, then choose software that is currently being maintained and that supports the standard formats (then you will be able to utilise free checking and helper applications that are out there... hope you find something that you are happy with...

You don't say why the free ones you have seen aren't good. A lot of folks seem to have settled on "Eagle", but, as in most things, you get what you pay for. I use a paid for system called "EasyPC" for the last 20 years..

There IS an excellent, on-line PCB designer via http://www.designspark.com


I may have misunderstood below - Are you actually looking for software to design the circuit for you? If so, Spice is the most popular simulator, but you still have to know what sort of circuit to use. All you need is a bit of circuit to scale the input voltage and a buffer to increase the drive current to drive the LEDs.

Diptrace is a brilliant package for schematic capture and PCB layout and there's a FREE version.  This has the limitation of 300 pins - much more than adequate for the average hobbyist.

It has the option of auto component placement and auto track routing which is a joy to watch.  Also, it can produce output for manufacture in industry standard formats unlike some which have a custom output format which ties you in to a small selection of PCB manufacturers.

Tried googling that yet?


yes (im not an idot ...well not much of one)
i didnt see a good free one and i would like others opinions on a good one
plus i dont know which are viruses ad which are not