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hi, i am newly working on adxl335,can u pls tell me how to read output from the adxl335,in bascom language? Answered

hi,i am doing project on adxl335 and pic18f25k20,i am writting  program in bascom language,as i am newly working on adxl335,so can pls tell me how to read analog output from the accelerometer(adxl335)...actually i want measure the angles ..and should give voice output from the apr9600 for each angle ...........pls  help me.



6 years ago

Get the datasheet and start reading. The output of the 335 is analogue voltage. So clearly you need to use your PIC to read an analog voltage, how do you do that ?

I didn't realise BASCOM was available on PICs, so that probably another of your issues.