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hi. i had just made your 4 minute chocolate mousse/fudge and it just doesnt seem right. it is too liquidy . Answered

i used  simple thick cream and went just by ur recipe excluding liquor. but it is not like it is supposed to be. what should i do?



6 years ago

Mousse is a tricky recipe and personally, i love it but i can never get it right
does it look like its separating? (watery stuff and harder, lumpy stuff) because with mousse it often separates simply because you whipped/mixed it to much

and as another note- mousse should be refrigerated for a few hours, then it turns into "mousse" rather then a puddle of goo

it can also depend on the quality of the chocolate, bad quality chocolate doesn't melt well and gives the mousse a grainy (or "sandy")texture

hope this helps


6 years ago

Post the question in the comments on the Instructable in question- you're much more likely to get a reply from someone who knows the answer.

I suspect temperature may be critical.